Canadian Visitor Information – What To Know Before Visiting

Canadian visitor information

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Whether as a tourist, student, or temporary worker, guests to Canada need Canadian visitor information.  Over five million people visit the country each year for various reasons and lengths of stay, and each person needs to be aware of the Canadian regulations.

There are specific requirements for entry which depend on your reason for visiting Canada and from where you are visiting.  If you plan on staying for a certain amount of time, it is possible that you will require a Temporary Resident Visa.

The following details are necessary Canadian visitor information:

  • You must have a valid travel document, such as a passport.  Airlines, and other transport companies, may delay or deny boarding if you are without proper documents.
  • You must be in good health.
  • When you meet with an immigration officer, you must convey that you have a reason to return to your country of origin, like needing to return to a job or a family.  Also, you need to convey that when your visit is over, you will leave the country.
  • Finally, you need to show that you have enough money for the length of your stay.  The amount depends on whether you are staying with someone or whether you need a hotel, and if you are planning on working.

In addition, the following Canadian visitor information provides possible scenarios when visiting Canada:

  • Depending on your citizenship, you may require a temporary resident visa.  You will find a list of countries that require a visa here.
  • You may also need a medical exam.  Usually, if you are staying for less than six months, an exam is not necessary.  However, if you are planning on working in a job where public health is essential, an exam will be required.
  • Finally, you may need a letter of invitation from a current Canadian resident.

Letter of invitation

This letter should include:

  • the complete name, date of birth, address, and telephone number of both the letter writer and yourself
  • the purpose of your trip
  • the length of time you are planning to stay in Canada, including the day you are planning to leave
  • information about accommodation and living expenses
  • your relationship to the letter writer
  • the letter writer’s occupation
  • whether the letter writer is a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • a photocopy of a document that proves the letter writer’s Canadian status, such as a Canadian birth certificate, Canadian citizenship card, PR card, or IMM 1000 proof of landing

Canada makes an effort to allow for foreign nationals to visit the country, while maintaining a secure border.  As a result, many requirements are in place to ensure that Canada is safe.  When coming to Canada, you will have to fulfill all these requirements without fail, which can seem overwhelming.  Enlisting the help of a Canadian immigration lawyer to provide important Canadian visitor information transfers some of that responsibility to a professional, allowing you a smoother travel experience.

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Before you can plan your itinerary, be sure to learn all you can about Canadian visitor information so you can enjoy all that Canada has to offer.

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