Visiting Canada

The allure of Canada is present from coast to coast.  The vast country offers stunning landscapes, diverse cultures, and engaging activities for visitors from around the world to enjoy.

Canada invites tourists to experience the natural beauty of its mountains and waterfalls, as well as the urban centres that are attractive in their own right.  Whether it’s a relaxing hike or a bustling festival, there is always something engaging in each pocket of Canada.

Aside from simply visiting, Canada offers opportunities to work and study temporarily.  This allows for access to interesting jobs and top-notch schools, while spending time in an exciting environment.

The following categories provide details about visiting Canada.


Before anyone can come to Canada, they must determine if they meet the requirements.  Canada aims to protect the health and safety of its residents, so visitors must prove that they are eligible.


There are a few reasons that a visitor to Canada would be denied entry.  Fortunately, there are sometimes options to become eligible if you are inadmissable.  Find out if you qualify, and what steps to take.

Temporary Resident Visa

Generally, most visitors to Canada, as a tourist, student, or temporary worker, would require a temporary resident visa.  Follow the instructions for the application process.


There are many great opportunities for business people to come to Canada to engage in business relations.  Information is available for both sides of the equation:  the business visitors, and the Canadian business host.

Organizing an event/meeting

When people are invited from around the world to come to Canada for an event or meeting, each person must meet the requirements for entering Canada.  To avoid headaches, find out what steps to take to ensure that all the guests arrive smoothly.

Extending your stay

Once you’ve arrived, you may be interested in staying longer in Canada.  Depending on your status in Canada, there are different methods to remain in the country.

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