Tory Proposal to Rejig Immigration System

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Proposal to attract tradespeople to workforce

Tory proposal

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The Conservative government has announced a proposal to offer immigrants a better opportunity to be successful by changing the point system used to assess the qualifications of immigrants.  After research uncovered that the most recent generation of immigrants has had more difficulty in Canada’s economy than previous generations, the government seeks to tweak the immigration requirements to allow for different people to qualify.

For the next month, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will consult the public about changing the point system.  According to the government, immigrants that are younger and can speak one of Canada’s official languages will have better jobs and better pay.

“There’s no shortage of people who want to come to Canada, and we should frankly do all we can to attract the best and brightest,” Kenney said.

The current point system tends to favour applicants with advanced degrees, and the qualifications of tradespeople are often overlooked.  By offering more points for work experience, tradespeople and technicians will have a better chance to qualify.  Canada, too, will benefit because the worker shortages in certain trades will be alleviated.

Language proficiency important in proposal

Research suggested that the biggest factor for immigrants to be financially successful was the ability to speak either English or French.  The government would add more points to the language category, which only accounts for 10% of the current system.

However, Kenney believes that the system should be flexible depending on individual circumstances because tradespeople shouldn’t be held to the same language requirements when they may not need to be proficient in either English or French in their field.

Proposal also suggests awarding points for younger age

According to the research, younger immigrants have more success finding good jobs, so the government proposes awarding no points to people over 49, and 12 points to those under 35 years of age.

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