How to Apply for a Study Permit

How to Apply for a Study Permit in Canada in 10 steps

How to apply for a study permit in Canada

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If you fulfill the requirements for studying in Canada, this guide will describe how to apply for a study permit in Canada.

1.  Look into the processing time for applications

To learn about the length of time it should take to process your application, visit here.

2.  Acquire the application package

The guide for filling out the application and all the necessary forms are included in the package.  You can get it here.

You may need a temporary resident visa in addition to a study permit if you live in a designated country. If so, a visa officer will process your temporary resident visa application at the same time.

3.  Find out where your application should be submitted

Your application must be submitted to your local visa office, in your resident country.

4.  Gather the necessary documents

The package will define which documents you will need.

5.  When considering how to apply for a study permit in Canada, look into Quebec’s provincial guidelines if you plan on studying there

You would need a certificate of acceptance (CAQ) in order to study in Quebec.  Your school would be able to offer you details about the application process to study in Quebec.

6.  Fill in all the details on your application

Be sure to read the instructions carefully, and to not leave out any information.  Answer every question accurately.  Incomplete or incorrect applications will be returned to you, without being processed.  Type or print clearly, and use black ink.  If you are writing words in languages that do not use the Latin alphabet, such as Chinese or Arabic, add the appropriate characters.

7.  Pay the processing fee

There is a fee to process the study permit application.  This can often be paid in the local currency of your country.  Visit your local Canadian visa office’s website to learn more about the fees, such as options for payment.  Keep in mind that the fee is non-refundable, even in the event that your application is denied.

8.  Go over your application

Ensure that you are submitting all the documents requested, and that all the details of the application are filled out properly.  The application kit comes with a checklist that is valuable at this stage.  To be safe, contact the website of your local Canadian visa office and find out if you need to complete any additional forms or submit any documents that weren’t listed.

9.  Send in your application

Once you have checked your application, add your signature and the date, and make sure the processing fee receipt is included.  Send the application to your local Canadian visa office.

It is permissible to apply at a point of entry when you arrive in Canada if you are from the United States, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon or Greenland.

11.  Submit extra information or documents

Once the visa office has reviewed your application, it is possible that they will require additional information or documents.  For instance, they might need more medical information.  This probably means that you would need a medical examination.  If that’s the case, a visa officer will send you instructions.  Keep in mind that this might delay the processing time of your application by an additional three months.

The visa office may need more security information.  This means you, along with any family members who are 18 years of age and older that travelled to Canada with you, may have to provide police certificates.

There is more than simply knowing how to apply for a study permit in Canada – you might need help with the application itself.

Remember, the application processing fee is non-refundable, so the application needs to be right the first time.  There are lots of details you must make sure to include, and if information is incomplete or incorrect, the application will be denied and returned to you.  Enlist the help of someone who can take you through the steps and help you complete the forms properly.  An experienced immigration lawyer offers this valuable service.

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Once you learn how to apply for a study permit in Canada, then you can focus on the next step: actually learning in Canada!

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