Man Risks Expulsion for Role in War Crimes

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Brother-in-law of tyrant helped him with war crimes


Image source from Rennett Stowe on flickr

Charles Taylor, the former president of Liberia accused of war crimes, was brought to justice with the help of his brother-in-law, Cindor Reeves.  However, since Toronto resident Reeves participated in the crimes, Canada plans to deport him.

Taylor married Reeves’ sister, and invited Reeves to live with him.  Reeves was 17 at the time, and helped to run guns and diamonds between Liberia and Sierra Leone for the president.  Eventually, Reeves would turn on Taylor and provide information to British intelligence agents and the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

As a result of his role in bringing Taylor to justice, Taylor sent an assassination squad to murder Reeves in Ghana, where he was staying at the time.  The Special Court evacuated Reeves to Sierra Leone, and eventually he lived under the witness protection program in Holland and Germany.  In 2006, Reeves went to Toronto and has applied for refugee status.

The Immigration and Refugee Board has formally rejected Reeves’ case on January 20, and now he faces imminent expulsion to Liberia.  Although Reeves faces a risk of being murdered in his home country, the Canadian government can’t protect him because of his connection to the war crimes.

Tyrant on trial in the Hague for war crimes

in 1989, Charles Taylor launched a civil war in Liberia in which 200,000 lost their lives.  Taylor ended up in charge of most of the country, and was eventually elected president in 1997.

He created a proxy army in neighboring Sierra Leone, and enlisted children as soldiers.  He sent the army weapons, and they in turn sent the president diamonds.  He will stand trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Brother-in-law assisted in bringing Taylor to justice for crimes

The United Nations-backed Special Court received information from Reeves on his own volition, which helped to build its case against Taylor.  It is unknown why Reeves cooperated with Taylor, but there is no evidence that Reeves had personally harmed anyone.  His connection to the crimes is the main issue the Canadian government faces.

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