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How to Apply to Quebec Immigration Programs

Quebec immigration programs

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In contrast to the federal immigration programs, Quebec offers its own Quebec immigration programs.  There are different ways to come to Quebec to stay temporarily or permanently.  You could come for work, come to study, engage in business, qualify as a refugee, or arrive through sponsorship.

The Quebec immigration programs listed below offer suggestions to guide you through each respective process.

Permanent workers

  1. Decide if Quebec is right for you
  2. Fill out the Preliminary Evaluation for Immigration to learn about your chances to be selected by Quebec.  Find it here.
  3. Submit an official immigration application
  4. Learn about integrating into Quebec here.
  5. Learn about entry and reception formalities

Business people

  1. Learn about Quebec and it’s business environment
  2. Submit a business immigrant application
  3. Develop your business project
  4. Find out the steps to take to establish your business
  5. Find out what steps to take when you arrive

Temporary workers

  1. Learn about work opportunities in Quebec
  2. Acquire authorizations to work temporarily in Quebec
  3. Acquire new authorizations once you arrive in Quebec, if necessary
  4. If you plan on staying permanently, learn what steps to take

Foreign students

  1. Learn about the education system, education costs, financial assistance, and employment opportunities
  2. Apply for admission to an institution
  3. Acquire the proper authorizations to study in Quebec
  4. Learn about entry formalities and details about staying temporarily
  5. Renew your authorizations if you plan to study beyond your terms
  6. Look into work options after graduating
  7. If you plan on staying permanently, learn what steps to take

Refugees and other clienteles

There are three different conditions that would qualify you for admission as a refugee to Quebec.

You would be eligible if you have been recognized:

  • by Canada as either a Convention Refugee Abroad or a member of the Source Country Class, and you are assisted by the Government of Quebec
  • overseas as a Convention Refugee Abroad or a member of either the Country of Asylum Class or the Source Country Class, and a group of individuals or an organization has sponsored you
  • as a refugee or a person in need of protection following an application for asylum filed with Canada

Once you have been recognized as a refugee, you need to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate.

Sponsors and sponsored persons

These steps apply to the sponsor.

  1. Learn about the conditions you must meet to sponsor a close relative
  2. Submit an application
  3. Learn about integrating into Quebec here.
  4. Apprise the sponsored person of entry and reception formalities

There is more than simply knowing how to apply for Quebec immigration programs – you might need help with the application itself.

Immigrating to Quebec has many different elements from immigrating to the rest of Canada.  It is important to be aware of what makes Quebec’s immigration process unique in order to properly apply.  The best way to learn about what requirements and opportunities you have is from an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer who can walk you through the proper way immigrate to Quebec.

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If you are interested in immigrating to Quebec, look into the Quebec immigration programs, and find out which category is right for you.

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