Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

How to Apply for the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

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As an alternative to the federal immigration streams, Prince Edward Island offers an accelerated option for individuals and their families who meet provincial criteria through the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP).  There are different streams under which you can apply, listed and detailed below.

Skilled Worker

Since there is a small work force on Prince Edward Island, there is often a need for additional workers in the labour market.  Since the work force is small, the labour market gaps sometimes appear and disappear rather quickly.  As a result, certain applications listed in the skilled labour shortages data base might not be easily available.  View this list here.

If you are a professional or skilled individual, there are many different employment opportunities in Prince Edward Island.    You are responsible for finding employment on your own.  When you have found a job in a business or company that interests you, contact the prospective employer.  If you receive an job offer, the company will initiate the process for getting you a work permit.

Immigrant Connections

If you have a close relative with Canadian citizenship or permanent residence status who has established themselves in Prince Edward Island, you could qualify as that person’s “Connection”. You would be recommended by that person, known as a “Champion”, to be nominated by the province.

To be eligible, you must be either a:

  • daughter or son
  • brother or sister
  • niece or nephew
  • aunt or uncle
  • grandchild
  • first cousin

or a step relative or in-law of the same level.

You must prove your relationship with your Champion.  You must also have an offer of employment, or satisfy the province that you are able to work in Prince Edward Island.  You and your family must be in good health, and have no criminal record.

A Champion must have lived in Prince Edward Island for more than two years, and have the financial capability to support the needs of you and your dependents.  The Champion needs to have a generally unblemished personal history.

Champions do not have to sign a formal agreement or offer a financial guarantee.  Instead, they would make an informal written commitment that indicates how they will do whatever they can to assist the nominee to be successful.

The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program seeks experienced business people who want to live in and contribute to PEI society.

Immigrant Partner

This category allows prospective immigrants to make a $200,000 Canadian dollar investment in a Prince Edward Island company and to take an active role in said company, either as a director or senior manager.

Currently, however, the province is not accepting applications in this category.

Immigrant Entrepreneur

Skilled entrepreneurs who have experience and marketable business concepts to be successful in Prince Edward Island can normally apply through this stream.  However, the PEI PNP office has temporarily suspended acceptance of applications for this category.

There is more than simply knowing how to apply for the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program – you might need help with the application itself.

Although the Provincial Nominee Program is designed to expedite the process to immigrate to Canada, it does add an extra step.  After you are successful in getting nominated, you still need to apply for permanent residence with the federal government.  Taking both tasks into account can feel overwhelming, but experienced Canadian immigration lawyers can assist you to properly navigate both processes, so you don’t make any mistakes.

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If you are interested in immigrating to PEI, consider the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program – the province might be interested in you!

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