Making an Investment

Making an Investment in Canada

making an investment in Canada

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Once your application has been accepted, you must make an investment before a visa can be issued.  Usually, this must happen within 30 days of the visa office’s request.  They will send instructions in writing, as well as a timeframe confirmation.

Using Facilitators

If you are interested, you may employ the services of an approved facilitator to help in the transferring of your investment to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  The CIC has approved financial institutions that are members of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation to act as facilitators.

The provinces and territories that would benefit from your investment would pay a commission to your chosen facilitator.  On your permanent resident visa application, you need to indicate which facilitator you chose.  You would need to submit an Investors Acknowledgement, which would be signed by the facilitator and yourself.  You can find it here.

It is possible to use your investment as security for a loan.  If you are interested in financing your investment, your facilitator can help.

Without Facilitators

If you plan to make an investment on your own, it must be made through an electronic funds transfer, also referred to as a “wire transfer.”  You can find the form here.

The following information must be on the form:

  • your full name
  • your address
  • your immigration file number (a 10-digit number beginning with the letter B)
  • the location of the visa office that is processing your application

Subscription Agreement

Two original copies of a Subscription Agreement must be signed and included.  Be sure to carefully read the agreement as it contains the terms of your investment.  It takes you through the life of the investment, from when it is paid to CIC, until approximately five years and three months later, when it is repaid.

The visa office will be notified after the CIC receives your Subscription Agreement and your investment, and will follow up with further instructions.

Zero-Interest Promissory Note

CIC will issue and send a promissory note, or debt obligation, to explain how your investment will be repaid.  This note must be returned in order to collect your investment’s repayment once it matures, so file the note in a secure spot.  If your address changes between the time you invest and the maturity date of the promissory note, be sure to inform CIC at

Withdrawing an application

After making an investment, if you reconsider immigrating to Canada under the Immigrant Investor Program, you need to contact the visa office where you applied, and CIC at the address where you submitted your subscription agreements.

If your permanent resident visa has not been issued, your investment will be returned.  Within 90 days of receiving your refund request, CIC will refund the investment.  The investment cannot be refunded if a visa has been issued.  You’d have to wait until the end of the five year term when the investment matures.

When your application is refused

If your application is unsuccessful, CIC will refund your investment within 90 days of receiving your signed request.

Investment repayment

If you used a facilitator, contact them for details of your repayment.  If you did not use a facilitator, contact CIC at approximately two to three months before the maturity date on the promissory note.  CIC will send instructions on how to claim the repayment.

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