After Applying for Immigration

Once you have submitted your application, you should consider the details listed below.

Processing times

Where you applied can affect how long it takes to process your application.

You can ensure that your process isn’t slowed down by following these guidelines:

  • ensure that your application contains all the required information
  • if any personal information like your address, telephone or fax numbers, or the makeup of your family changes, contact the Centralized Intake Office (where the application was sent) or the visa office that is processing your application, if it has been sent there.  You must inform them of the new details in writing
  • refrain from inundating the visa office with inquiries
  • swiftly follow all of the visa office’s instructions
  • be sure that the documents and photocopies that you submit are clear and legible
  • if you submit documents that are in languages other than English or French, provide certified translations

In some cases, the office will take longer to process your application if the following occurs:

  • if additional security checks are necessary, or if your application suggests criminal or security issues
  • if a divorce or adoption is incomplete, or if child custody issues are unresolved, your family status may be unclear

Medical examinations

Before coming to Canada, it is necessary to pass a medical examination.  Even if your dependants are not accompanying you to Canada, they are also required to pass a medical exam.

If your health is considered a danger to public health or safety, or if it could cause an excessive demand on health or social services in Canada, your application for permanent residence will be denied.

Once your application is submitted, you will receive information how to proceed in taking the medical exam.

The decision on your application

The requirements for immigration that were in effect at the time you submitted your application will inform the final decision, which is made by a CIC officer.  Several factors will affect the decision, including the medical examination results and criminal and security checks.

If you do not have arranged employment, the evidence you provided for supporting yourself and your family financially while in Canada will be considered.

If more documentation is required, or if you need to attend an interview, the office that is processing your application will contact you.

Confirmation of Permanent Residence

If your application is approved, the visa office where you applied will issue a permanent resident visa to you.  You would then submit your passport to the office before you can obtain your permanent resident visa.

The visa includes both your Confirmation of Permanent Residence as well as your entry visa.  The Confirmation of Permanent Residence will contain your photograph and identification information, and will indicate the expiry date by which you and your dependents must arrive in Canada.  Be sure to compare your Confirmation of Permanent Residence with your passport, as they should carry the same information.  If you discover any inconsistencies, contact your visa office.

When you arrive in Canada, you are required to have your Confirmation of Permanent Residence along with your visa on your person.

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