Canadian Immigration

Options for Immigrating to Canada

immigrating to canada

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Moving to and living in Canada can be a very positive experience.  There are a few different ways for someone and their family to immigrate to Canada.  Find out which stream applies to you, so you can take the most direct route to a new life in a new country.

Provincial Nominee Program

Is there a particular province or territory to which you are interested in living?  Most provinces and territories have an agreement with the Government of Canada where they can nominate a person to immigrate to their province or territory.  Before you apply directly through a federal immigration stream, look into the details of each province.

Quebec Immigration

In contrast to the rest of Canada, Quebec has its own process for immigrating.  If you are interested in living, working, or studying in Quebec, learn about the different options that are available.

Skilled Workers and Professionals

This category allows workers with specific skills to apply for permanent residency.

Canadian Experience Class

If you have recently worked or graduated in Canada, you are considered to have valuable experience in Canada that allows you to apply through this stream.

Business Immigration Program

People with business experience are invited to live and contribute to the economy and society in Canada.  You can apply for one of three classes: InvestorsEntrepreneurs, and Self-Employed Persons

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