How to migrate to Canada from the US

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How to migrate to Canada from the US

how to migrate to canada from the us

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Many people are wondering how to migrate to Canada from the US for a variety of reasons. Lower crime as well as work and study opportunities are among the top reasons. Also, in many of the provinces of Canada there is no language barrier as English is spoken. In Quebec, the predominant language is French and many residents of the US find they can utilize their French skills here. Traveling to Canada from the USA is relatively easy as the two countries are connected by land and by bridge. While they are very similar culturally, Canada has grown quite diverse in recent years. In fact, due to immigration, Toronto has become one of the most vibrant and multicultural cities in the entire world.

Below we will list a few simple ways how to migrate to Canada from the US and then we will explain them in further detail.

-Study in Canada
-Work in Canada
-Work Temporarily in Canada
-Have Family and or Friends in Canada
-Invest in Canada
-Do Business in Canada

Study in Canada

-Find a University
-Apply to that University
-Attain a Temporary Permit for Study

By far the simplest method how to migrate to Canada from the US is to choose a university to study at there.

Canadian customs makes it very easy for residents of the States to study at a school run by their neighbours to the north. Canada has many of the top schools in the world. For instance, if you are looking to acquire a technical degree, you can apply to Ryerson University, located in downtown Toronto. Ryerson attracts many students from all over the globe, but especially from the US. Once you have been accepted into a school, you can apply for a temporary visa that will allow you to move back and forth between the two countries for the entire time you are enrolled in school. Of course, you will also need a valid passport and it is best to have a clean criminal record as well.

Work in Canada

-Secure a job in Canada
-Learn the Language (either English or French)
-Apply for Temporary or Permanent Visa

If you are seeking employment in Canada, it is best to secure a job before applying for a temporary or permanent work permit. If you are seeking to live in Quebec, it is essential that you learn French as this is the most common language. Canadian employers are continuously looking for skilled workers in both technical and environmental fields. Once you have proven to Canadian customs that you will be gainfully employed upon your arrival in their country, passage is made much simpler.

Temporary Work in Canada

-Locate Temporary Employment
-Apply for a Temporary Visa
-Prove your skills to Employer

If you are unable to find permanent employment in Canada then it is best to try and find temporary work. In this way, you will be able to acquire a temporary work permit that will allow you to reside in the country for a specified period of time. When this permit runs out you can reapply or you will have to leave. The benefits of this approach are that it is easier to find temporary work and once you are in the country you may have an simpler time finding permanent, full-time employment. Many companies are willing to take a chance on a newcomer if they only have to hire the worker temporarily. This gives you the opportunity to prove yourself and to show your skills.

Family and Friends in Canada

-Locate Family and or Friends in Canada
-Obtain written letters vouching for your character
-Apply for Residence

Another way to migrate is to have family and friends that already have permanent residence in Canada. If you have people in the country to whom you are related, or people that are willing to vouch for you, then this makes the process of immigration much simpler.


-Be willing to invest money in a bank or business
-Find out what the current acceptable rates are
-Make the Deposit and Apply for Visa

Another method is to be willing to invest a certain amount of money in a Canadian bank or business. As this amount is always fluctuating, it is best to check what the current demands of the government are.

Do Business in Canada

-Do Business in the USA
-Work with an existing Canadian business to expand
-Set up Business in Canada
-Apply for Residence

If you already have a successful and proven business in the US, then it is not too difficult to expand that business across the border. Once you have set up your business in Canada, then the process of applying for residence becomes much easier.

Since they are close in proximity, the idea of immigrating to Canada from the US is very appealing. Some people are interested in a different political climate, while others enjoy the northern lifestyle. Then there are those who are looking to expand their business, educational or employment opportunities. Whatever the reason, the first step is to contact your closest customs agents and find out what options you are best suited to take.  For more information about how to migrate to Canada from the US, visit Canadian Immigration.

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