How to Migrate to Canada From India

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How to Migrate to Canada From India

how to migrate to canada from india

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If you’re a resident of India interested in moving to the Great White North, you’ll need to know how to migrate to Canada from India. In 2006, India was Canada’s third highest source of immigrants after the United Kingdom and China.  The high quality of life in Canada and the vast opportunities the nation offers to legal residents are the two primary reasons individuals from all countries immigrate to Canada.  It is important to understand both the similarities and the differences of each country to have realistic expectations when you are researching how to migrate to Canada from India.  By understanding cultural and political differences and similarities, you can make a well-educated decision for relocation.

Once you’re satisfied that you’ve made proper comparisons, you can then move on to learn how to migrate to Canada from India.

Similarities Between Canada and India
*Each is classified as one of the largest countries in the world.
*A Prime Minister is the leader of the government.
*A similar form of democratic government.
*Similar educational systems.
*Both countries are open to cultural diversity and respect different faiths and religious practices.
*Major religious groups in each country include: Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Sikhs.

Differences Between Canada and India
*The preparation of country specific foods.
*Canada is more advanced and more modern in terms of retail.
*Religious values are an important part of Indian life, whereas religion is not a major factor in Canada.
*Canada is a first world country.
*Canada has a better health care system, higher living standards, and a wealthier economy.
After comparing the similarities differences of India and Canada, it is easy to comprehend why many are choosing to relocate to Canada.  For Indians who desire cultural acceptance and a higher standard of living, Canada represents a place that is willing to offer a better life.

If you are trying to learn how to migrate to Canada from India, there are several different ways to become eligible for permanent residency.

Consider the requirements in the different programs offered for immigration into Canada and see which one suits you best.


If you are planning to immigrate for schooling, you can obtain a Canadian study permit.  Before you apply for the permit, you are required to receive acceptance from an accredited school.  Once you have been accepted into a school, you will need to provide proof of the following to receive a permit:
*Evidence you can afford tuition, living expenses, and supplies.
*Evidence of no violent criminal record.
*Evidence of good health.
*A promise to leave Canada once your classes are completed.


Canada also offers an Entrepreneur Program for experienced business owners who are willing to create jobs in Canada.  If you have at least 2 years experience managing a qualified business, you may be eligible for immigration.  You will be required to provide your net worth and proof of your net income to qualify.


Canadian investors can enter into the Immigrant Investment Program if they meet the requirements and intend to boost the Canadian economy with an investment.  Investors will be required to make an investment of C$800,000 or more and they will need to meet similar requirements for the Entrepreneur Program.

Self-Employed Persons Program

The Self-Employed Persons Program is available for self-employed immigrants who plan to contribute to society.  Applicants will be required to have at least two years experience from cultural activities, athletics, or farm purchase and management.

Canadian Experience Class

If you have completed your studies in Canada and are still a temporary foreign student you could be considered part of the Canadian Experience Class because you have acquired the skills needed to live in the country.  If you are a foreign graduate or have skilled work experience, you may qualify for permanent residency.
While there are several different programs in place, these are the most popular ways to immigrate from India to Canada.  With several similarities and differences, and many options to immigrate, Canada has become the number one destination for immigrating Indians.  Familiarize yourself with the process how to migrate to Canada from India at Canadian Immigration.

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