How to Migrate to Canada From Dubai

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How to Migrate to Canada From Dubai

how to migrate to canada from dubai

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There are lots of factors to consider when you are researching how to migrate to Canada from Dubai.  Canada has become a popular immigration destination for many residents of Dubai because of the higher quality of living and Canada’s well-known acceptance of diverse cultures.  It is important to understand how each location is similar and different.  Comparing Dubai and Canada is perhaps one of the biggest determining factors to consider when you are planning to commit to such a drastic change of lifestyle.  While each location has a diverse and vibrant culture, there are drastic differences that encourage many residents in Dubai to make a change.

If you feel these cultural differences will offer you the life you are looking for, research how to migrate to Canada from Dubai and see what types of programs are available for temporary and permanent residents.

Similarities Between Dubai and Canada

*School systems are similar for both private and public institutions with English-speaking schools.
*Movies and entertainment are extremely popular in both locations.
*Western-style clothing is popular in each location.
*Large population of foreign-born residents.
*Modern transportation is available in each location.

Differences Between Dubai and Canada

*Dubai is a monarchy whereas Canada is democratic.
*Dubai is known for its hot and dry climate whereas Canada has significant changes in weather.
*Social status is extremely important in Dubai and labourers live in poor conditions.
*Canada offers a high quality of life for all social status members.
*Dubai is a tourist destination for retail and is suffering economically.
While Dubai is a modernized city in the United Arab Emirates, there are still inequalities in the country from which individuals are trying to free themselves. Many residents choose to migrate to Canada because of a greater chance for opportunities no matter what family into which they were born.  With several different programs available for immigrants entering Canada, it is possible for the people of Dubai to relocate and become permanent or temporary residents.

Learn how to migrate to Canada from Dubai with the programs listed below.


Immigrating to Canada for schooling is extremely popular.  Those who want to receive an education in Canada must apply for a Canada study permit and a temporary residency visa.  To be approved, the applicant will need to provide proof of acceptance in an accredited school and will need to meet specific requirements.

Temporary Work

If you are immigrating to Canada because of a job offer, you may be eligible for a temporary work permit.  You will be required to show proof of your job offer and will be required to promise to leave once the assignment is completed.  Applicants must also meet the requirements for a temporary residency visa in Canada.


The Self-Employed Persons Program is available for individuals who have experience in business and management and who can prove they have been self-employed in one of three areas of work for two or more years.  These areas include: cultural activities, athletics, and farm management.  If you can prove you will contribute to the country’s cultural diversity and economy, you may be eligible.


Business owners are encouraged to apply for the Entrepreneur Program.  This program helps the country by providing more jobs for residents and adding to the economy.  You will be required to meet income and net worth requirements.

Canadian Experience Class

If you have been temporarily staying in Canada for work or school, you may be eligible for permanent residency if you can prove you are familiar with the way of life in Canada.  Students who have graduated and temporary workers who have completed their assignments may be eligible.
Since there are several programs available, you’ll need to learn the specific requirements.  If you are researching how to migrate to Canada from Dubai, visit Canadian Immigration.

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