How to Migrate To Canada From Australia

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How to Migrate To Canada From Australia

how to migrate to canada from australia

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Learning how to migrate to Canada from Australia takes some consideration.  It may seem easy enough for an Australian to pack up his or her bags, declare themselves an immigrant to Canada, and start a new life.  After all, the two countries are both British Commonwealth nations, sharing language, economic structure, government models, and even pictures of the Queen on their currency!  Yet migration into or out of a nation is, in this age, no simple matter.  Australians need to know not only the complexities of becoming Canadian citizens, but also the major differences between the two countries.

Those wondering how to migrate to Canada from Australia should think carefully about why they want to start a new life in the Great White North.

•Differences and similarities

Canada and Australia have several differences, but are similar countries.  Both cultures are politically liberal, capitalistic, and primarily Judeo-Christian.  This means, among other things, that citizens enjoy universal health care and education, will have to find employment of their own accord, and will not be able to utilize government facilities on holidays like Christmas.

•Provincial power

Those wondering how to migrate to Canada from Australia should know that the provinces of Canada are much less autonomous than Australian federal states.

Quebec, for example, relies upon taxes from the rest of the country and has a larger deficit than, say, British Columbia.


Both Canada and Australia have their own national TV services (Canadian and Australian Broadcasting Company, respectively), their own highway system, and their own national parks.  Perhaps the major difference is the climate: Canada has much more precipitation than Australia and experiences much colder winters.


Both Canada and Australia have very strong economies, but their policies are only to admit foreigners who have specific venues for working.


Many high level universities have a policy of admitting a percentage of foreign students to increase their diversity and global perspective; these students have greatly reduced tuition and living expenses as a result.  However, these posts are extremely competitive, so that only select stand-out Australian students would be able to attend a Canadian university.  Often, universities in countries participate in exchange programs, so that an Australian institution would send students overseas.

•Work Temporarily

Work permits are not difficult to acquire.  Many Canadian industries are expanding and the economy requires more labor than is currently available.  It may seem odd, then, that the Canadian unemployment rate is higher than Australia’s.  This is largely because of the difference in economic stability between individual Canadian provinces.


Companies looking to provide credit  are welcome in many parts of the country.  The Alberta oil boom, for example, has drawn the attention of corporations from around the globe.


Australian businesses with connections and investments in Canadian industries should be successful in the near future since the Canadian dollar continues to improve.  Entrepreneurs may be looking to expand into Canadian cities.  Foreign relations are quite strong, allowing Australian companies to put down roots easily.

•Canadian Experience Cla

The CEC allows temporary workers to stay in Canada.  Usually these students have amalgamated into Canadian culture and can continue their work for the benefit of the country.  They are already part of the linguistic and social dynamic, so that further amalgamation is not necessary.
While anyone can immigrate into Canada from Australia, there are a select set of requirements.  Australians must understand the differences in the two countries.  Ensure that your status can be easily recognized and accepted by Canadian officials.  Free sites like provide helpful information and resources to incoming migrants.  Explore the site today to learn more about how to migrate to Canada from Australia.

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