Disguised Chinese Youth Admits He Lied to CBSA

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Masked youth lied at first, comes clean at IRB

chinese migrant lied

Image source from BriYYZ on flickr

While appearing at an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing, a young man who wore a disguise to sneak into Canada has admitted he initially lied to border officials.  Last October, the 20-year-old had boarded a flight from Hong Kong wearing the mask of an elderly Caucasian man, but was detained once he arrived in Vancouver.  At the time, he claimed that he was a farmer with an elementary school education.

At the IRB hearing, however, he said he had in fact completed secondary school, and briefly worked in a warehouse.  The young man claimed that he lied because he was in fear, and that the man that helped smuggle him into Canada told him what to say.  The young man had paid the smuggler $30,000 to help him sneak into the country, and the smuggler provided the disguise, a passport, and boarding documents.

Friend of family offers to post bond for man who lied

The migrant’s father contacted a man in Toronto who used to live in a village near where the young man grew up.  The Toronto man offered to post the $5000 bond, and volunteered to give the migrant a place to stay.

The Toronto man had come to Canada legally in 2003 as a skilled worker.  He said he was unaware that the migrant was coming to Canada, and didn’t play a role in helping him enter the country.

Government lawyer claims man can’t be trusted since he lied

The asylum-seeker’s lawyer, Daniel McLeod, claims the government is making an example of the young man because it was embarrassed by the global attention the event garnered.

Jim Murray, the lawyer representing the Canada Border Services Agency, opposed the migrant’s application for refugee status because he feared that the young man would not attend the refugee hearings.

Murray also recommended that the young man remain in custody because he had lied and is a flight risk.

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