How to Apply for Citizenship

How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship

Apply for Canadian Citizenship

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Once you have determined that you fulfill the requirements to be a Canadian citizen, you are ready to apply for Canadian citizenship.

The following steps will guide you through the process to apply for Canadian citizenship.

1.  Acquire an application package

Adults (age 18 or older) can find the application here.

To apply for your child (age 17 or younger), you can find the application here.

You can either apply for your children once you have become a citizen yourself, or at the same time.

2.  Read the instruction guide

Be sure to carefully go through the instructions prior to filling out the application.  You need to make sure that you are prepared and qualified to apply for citizenship, because the processing fee is non-refundable for both your form and your children’s form.

3.  Fill in the application and include the appropriate documents

Follow the instructions and complete the form.  Remember to submit photocopies of your documents, because you will need to bring the originals in person to your test or interview.

In case your documents are in a language other than English or French, simply provide a photocopy along with a translation of each document, and an affidavit from the translator.  Family members are not permitted to translate.

When applying as an adult, the following items must be included:

  • proof of permanent residence

a)  if you became a permanent resident before June 28, 2002, then you would need a Record of Landing.  If you became a resident on or after June 28, 2002, you would need your Confirmation of Permanent Residence
b)  if you became a permanent resident after June 28, 2002, or if you acquired a permanent resident card as an existing permanent resident, you’d need a copy of both sides of your permanent resident card

  • two pieces of identification (such as a passport or driver’s licence), at least one of which has your photo
  • two citizenship photos that are signed, specifically created as described in the instruction guide
  • the payment receipt that indicates that you paid the $200 fee (comprised of a $100 right of citizenship fee and a $100 processing fee)

When applying on behalf of your child, the following items must be included:

  • either the long-form birth certificate for your child or their adoption order which shows the names of the adoptive parents
  • your child’s Confirmation of Permanent Residence or their Record of Landing
  • a copy of both sides of your child’s permanent resident card, if they have one
  • two pieces of identification for the child, such as a provincial/territorial health card, or school records
  • two citizenship photos of the child, created by the directions in the guide and signed by the child if he/she is aged 14 or older
  • the original payment receipt indicating you paid the $100 fee

You must also submit a legal document proving guardianship if you are a legal guardian who is applying on behalf of a child.

4.  Pay the fee and obtain the receipt

The fee for processing the application can only be paid in Canadian funds.  It is possible to use a single receipt for your entire family provided all application forms are sent in the same envelope.

5.  Send the application form and documents

In the event that you are applying for more than one person, you can send all your forms and documents in the same envelope so that they will get processed together.  Otherwise, they will be processed separately.

There is more than simply knowing how to apply for Canadian citizenship – you might need help with the application itself.

Remember, the application fee is non-refundable, so the application needs to be right the first time.  There are lots of details you must make sure to include, and if information is incomplete or incorrect, the application will be denied and returned to you.  Enlist the help of someone who can take you through the steps and help you complete the forms properly.  An experienced immigration lawyer offers this valuable service.

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If you are eligible to become a citizen of Canada, follow these steps to apply for Canadian citizenship, and make Canada your new home!

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