Citizenship and Immigration Launches Canadian Quiz App

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Quiz about Canada introduced as app for mobile devices


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A quiz about Canada is available as an application known as “How Canadian are You, eh?” within Facebook and for mobile devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry and Android.  The app, created by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, presents questions about Canada’s history, values, symbols and political institutions.  There are 122 questions in all, and each time the app is loaded, 20 questions are chosen at random.

The app offers a detailed review system that indicates which questions were answered correctly and incorrectly, which can help the user strengthen their knowledge.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney introduced the app, which provides a fun way to test knowledge about the country.

“Download the app, take the quiz, and share it with your friends,” Kenney said. “You might be surprised to find out just how Canadian you are!”

The app can be downloaded from Blackberry App World, Android Market, and the iTunes store.

Quiz part of CIC’s resource to teach youth about Canada

In April 2010, CIC launched an online resource for teachers and young people to learn more about Canada.  The interactive site, called “A Fun Path to Learning”, offers games and activities to help students learn about a variety of aspects of Canada, such as history, geography, civics, and social studies.  The resource is aimed at challenging and enlightening elementary, junior and high school students.

Newcomers and longtime residents benefit from quiz

The material in the quiz comes from Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, a study guide that creates the basis of information found on the citizenship test.  The quiz provides a fun way for newcomers to practice for the test.

The quiz was also created to help Canadian residents gain a solid understanding of their country.

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