Canada Eases Work Requirements for Haitian Immigrants

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Haitian immigrants can apply for work more easily


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Citizenship and Immigration Canada has announced a relaxed method for Haitian nationals living in Canada who want to apply for a work permit.  The new rules are meant to support the Haitian refugees that have come to Canada following the devastating earthquake on the Caribbean island last year.

Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney explained how Canada was offering Haitians a better chance to work temporarily.

“Given the continued health and safety concerns in Haiti, ensuring that Haitian nationals who are currently in Canada temporarily can work and support themselves while they are here is paramount,” said Minister Kenney.

Haitian nationals get coverage from program

According to Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, a work permit application must come with a labour market opinion.  This is an assessment from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada that determines if the worker would have a negative impact on the labour market.

This requirement has been removed for Haitian nationals who are in Canada, assisting them to obtain a work permit and maintain their immigration status.

The Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) will continue to offer coverage to Haitian immigrants who are interested in extending their work permit.  The IFHP will also benefit new applicants.

Measures to help Haitian immigrants immediately in effect

All Haitian nationals that arrived in Canada before January 13, 2011 are eligible for this new opportunity.  Those that are applying for a work permit or those that are extending a work permit are both involved.  As for the LMO requirement, it will still be necessary for anyone arriving in Canada after that date.

Haitian nationals that are eligible have until September 1, 2011 to apply.

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