Advice On How To Migrate To Canada From Singapore

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How To Migrate To Canada From Singapore

how to migrate to canada from singapore

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If you are considering a change of lifestyle and have researched some possible methods how to migrate to Canada from Singapore, then you may have thought about the kind of radical changes in store. Let us look at these differences between the two locales and evaluate if it would be a wise move. We will look at the types of work available, the differences in psychology and other social settings, the current business opportunities and even the weather. Below are the details of these main differences:

•Weather Patterns:

Singapore is a tropical country, similar to Hawaii, with one of the warmest year-round temperatures in the entire world. Canada, by sharp contrast, maintains one of the coldest year-round temperatures, though it does experience some tepid seasonal warmth in the late Spring, Summer and very early Fall. Singaporeans may have some difficulty adjusting to the cold during the coldest of the winter months.

•Business Opportunities:

After deciding how to migrate to Canada from Singapore, there may be more opportunities found, but it all depends of the type of business in question. There are some very remote parts of Canada; it is the second largest country in the world and there are some cities and towns that are hours away from their next closest neighbours. This can pose a restriction on the business opportunities available.

•Social Factors:

Generally, Canada is one of the friendlier countries of the world. However, just like any country, some areas are more welcoming than others. The countryside tends to be friendlier by nature, but the cities tend to be more accepting of immigrant.

•Employment Prospects:

There are both short-term and long-term working opportunities in Canada. The job market looks promising for the future as well. Jobs in Canada are plentiful in the cities, and like most countries, the jobs primarily exist in the urban areas where populations are higher. Job openings in the future look promising and the outlook for the economy, as a whole, is bright.

•Educational Opportunities:

If one were looking for continuing education, Canada boasts some of the finest schools and colleges and universities in the entire Western world. These educational facilities are open to all ages; Canadians have a strong desire for advanced degrees and continuing education. These educational opportunities are abundant and found in every major city. Canadians are some of the most properly educated citizens of the entire world.

Here is a brief survey of some additional factors that may influence a decision on how to migrate to Canada from Singapore:

-Work Temporarily

This is a good option for starting because there is good temporary work available in Canada. It can be easier to land these types of jobs when initially arriving from abroad.

– Study

There are a number of universities and other trade-schools that provide educational opportunities for study. They will accept a large number of students, and favour is often given to international students.

– Skilled Workers and Professionals

If you are a skilled worker, Canada will welcome you with open arms. The same is true of professionals; opportunities are plentiful in the urban city areas for skilled workers and professionals.


Canada is a country that is very open to investors and their investment capital. There are a large number of ventures that may be undertaken; everything from venture capital startups to established businesses seeking long term investors.


Entrepreneurs are always welcomed because these individuals help provide jobs for others. Canada is keen on having a very low unemployment index, and gladly welcomes entrepreneurs who may help them accomplish this goal.

-Self-Employed Persons

If you are self-employed or run a small business, then Canada will likely be a suitable area for you to work and conduct business. The Canadian government is favourable to self-employed individuals.

For all those considering a move, Canada would make a very suitable future country of residence.

Learning how to migrate to Canada from Singapore will take some adjustments.

Because Singapore is very similar to many other Western Civilization countries in dress and work ethic, the change will not be as dramatic as some might imagine. A decision to migrate to Canada from Singapore would not be out of the question for many. In fact, it might make for a very pleasing and welcomed change.  Learn more about how to migrate to Canada from Singapore at Canadian Immigration.

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