So You Want to Immigrate to Canada?

Immigrate to Canada - photo by user: ankakay on Flickr

Here is a list of ways an individual can immigrate to Canada:

  • Canadian Visiting Visas
  • Canadian Work Temporary Work Visas
  • Canadian Study Visas
  • Immigrate Permanently to Canada
  • Canadian Skilled Workers Permits
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Canadian Investors Immigration
  • Canadian Entrepreneur Immigration
  • Canadian Provincial Nominee’s Immigration Programs
  • Canadian Refugee Claims
  • Canadian Spousal & Family Sponsoring
  • Canadian Citizenship

If you want to immigrate to Canada, then you have found a great free resource where you can learn the different ways people  enter Canada to visit, work, & live.

Canada is known as a democratic nation with a stunning natural environment, a higher standard of living, along with an abundance of opportunities. There is an exceptional education and welfare platform. The United Nations has recently rated Canada the best place to live for seven consecutive years.

Canada  has a great ecosystem with regard to living, clean air quality, and gorgeous landscapes.  The country also has a cohesive justice structure, stable society , good welfare system and is particularly multicultural. In Canada, individuals with various backgrounds are living together peacefully with no discrimination.

Taking into consideration the sophistication of population framework and varied backgrounds, Canada has become the first country which has introduced itself as a country of multiculturalism in 1971.  In the early eighties, Canada included multiculturalism to the constitution and emphasised that individuals with different cultures, religions and races all have the same legal rights.

Canada provides outstanding free social services to the public including consulting, language training, child care, legal aid, translation, settlement and entertainment services, making it one of the most sought after places to which to immigrate.

Immigrating to any country including Canada can be challenging.  Often, it is best to seek advice from a professional immigration lawyer.   Click on the following link to view our featured Canadian Immigration Lawyers, and learn how to successfully immigrate to Canada today!

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