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CIC Not Fixing Concerns Raised by Auditor General

No progress seen for Auditor General’s worries Joe Volpe, chairman of the parliamentary public accounts committee, says that it is unclear whether the Immigration Department has fixed any of the problems in the programs that were addressed in a report from the Auditor General.  According to parliamentary rules, federal departments are required to respond to […]

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war crime

Man Risks Expulsion for Role in War Crimes

Brother-in-law of tyrant helped him with war crimes Charles Taylor, the former president of Liberia accused of war crimes, was brought to justice with the help of his brother-in-law, Cindor Reeves.  However, since Toronto resident Reeves participated in the crimes, Canada plans to deport him. Taylor married Reeves’ sister, and invited Reeves to live with […]

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foreign doctor

Canada Works to Improve Foreign Credential Recognition

Economic Action Plan addresses barriers to foreign credential recognition The Canadian government wants to improve the integration of internationally trained workers into the labour market, and the Economic Action Plan seeks to assist in recognizing foreign credentials and work experience.  The federal government is investing $50 million to work with the provinces and territories, and […]

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security certificate

Group Considering Alternatives to Deporting Men Under Security Certificate

Alternatives to deporting men under security certificate A federal interdepartmental body is looking into policy options in order to manage terrorism suspects that are under the national security certificate.  There are currently three people that have been arrested under the security certificate, Mahmoud Jaballah and Mohamed Zeki Mahjoub of Egypt, and Mohamed Harkat of Algeria.  […]

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funding cuts

Government Tells Group Not to Discuss Funding Cuts

Group banned from mentioning funding cuts at meeting When members of the York South-Weston Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) planned to address $53 million in slashed funding at a meeting, Citizenship and Immigration Canada sent an email that banned any discussion of the cuts.  The twenty six immigrant service agencies in the LIP, a group that […]

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illegal work

Senior Immigration Official Suggests Illegal Work is Valid

Emails between CIC officials question validity for illegal work Recently, a series of emails between senior officials at Citizenship and Immigration Canada has questioned whether someone immigrating to Canada can use illegal work experience on their application for permanent residency. An unnamed official initially addressed a letter to Heidi Smith, director of permanent resident policy […]

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chinese parents

Group Urges Ottawa to End Backlogged Applications

Applications to sponsor Chinese parents are backlogged The applications for Canadians to sponsor their parents and grandparents is not getting processed at a reasonable rate.  At the peak in 2002, Canada accepted 11,400 sponsored parents and grandparents.  Those numbers were down in 2009, with only 9000 accepted. In China, the backlog of applications to sponsor […]

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tunisia ex-president

Canada Deciding Whether to Deport Tunisia Ex-President’s Family

Deposed Tunisia dictator’s family are Canadian permanent residents Weeks of violent protests against the regime of Tunisia forced former dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to flee the country, after 23 years in power.  The Canadian government issued a statement: “Mr. Ben Ali, deposed members of the former Tunisian regime and their immediate families are […]

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Federal Program Reimbursing for Drugs is Flawed

Quebec pharmacists owed thousands of dollars for drugs Pharmacists in Quebec are demanding that the government pays them first before they supply prescription drugs to thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers in the province.  Through the Interim Federal Health Program, Immigration Canada will reimburse pharmacists for the cost of prescription drugs.  However, according to Vincent Forcier, […]

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Canada Eases Work Requirements for Haitian Immigrants

Haitian immigrants can apply for work more easily Citizenship and Immigration Canada has announced a relaxed method for Haitian nationals living in Canada who want to apply for a work permit.  The new rules are meant to support the Haitian refugees that have come to Canada following the devastating earthquake on the Caribbean island last […]

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Conservative Stephen Harper

Catholic Bishops Reject Conservative Government’s Proposed Law

Lots of opposition to Conservative government’s proposed law The Conservative government has tabled an anti-human-smuggling law that has met widespread disagreement.  Bill C-49 was opposed by the Parliamentary opposition parties, the Greens, the Canadian Bar Association, and the Canadian Council of Refugees.  In addition, a group of religious leaders, led by the Canadian Conference of […]

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Fake Immigration Consultant Arrested for Fraud

Middle East citizens get Canadian citizenship in fraud scheme The RCMP has arrested a man in Montreal who was posing as an immigration consultant in Montreal, charging him with 58 counts including forgery, fraud and conspiracy.  Ahmad El-Akhal, 62, was working out of his home and was not registered as a professional immigration consultant.  He […]

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Harper Government’s Proposed Legislation to Punish Smugglers

Conservative government revisits proposed legislation The conservative government is urging opposition parties to support Bill C-49, a legislation that would punish anyone who smuggles illegal migrants into Canada.  According to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, human smugglers are taking advantage of Canada’s immigration and refugee system. Toews said that the Canadian government has information that […]

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Ottawa Cuts Funding to Settlement Organization

Immigration Minister explains why funding is cut Jason Kenney, Canada’s Immigration Minister, met with members of the Southern Ontario Chinese Alliance Association of Canada in order to explain why the government had to pull $12 million in funding from Settlement and Integration Services Organization. Speaking at the Dizzy Weasel Pub and Grub in Hamilton on […]

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Memorial to Holocaust-Era Boat at Immigration Museum

Immigration Minister dedicates Holocaust-era memorial Immigration Minister Jason Kenny was on hand at the unveiling ceremony of a Holocaust-era memorial at Canada’s Immigration Museum.  The sculpture, by Daniel Libeskind, was created with a $500,000 federal heritage grant that was secured by the Canadian Jewish Congress. Kenney spoke about the importance of the monument as a […]

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